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Mastering the Exit: How to Exit a Game on Nintendo Switch



The Nintendo Switch, with its unique hybrid design, has become a gaming sensation, offering a versatile platform for players on the go. Navigating the console’s interface and features is generally intuitive, but one common query that arises for users is, “How to exit a game on Nintendo Switch?” This article is a comprehensive guide to mastering the art of exciting games on the popular gaming console.

Understanding the Basics: How to Exit a Game on Nintendo Switch



Navigating the Interface

Before delving into the specifics of exiting a game on the Nintendo Switch, it’s essential to understand the basic layout and navigation of the console’s interface. The Switch’s home screen is your central hub, featuring game icons, a news feed, and access to the Nintendo eShop. From the home screen, you can launch games and access various system settings.

In-Game Options: How to Exit a Game on Nintendo Switch from Within the Game



Exploring In-Game Menus

Exiting a game on the Nintendo Switch is often a straightforward process that involves using in-game menus. Most games provide an option to exit directly from the game’s main menu or pause screen. Here’s a step-by-step guide:


Pause the Game:

While in the game, press the “+” button on the right Joy-Con controller or the “-” button on the left Joy-Con controller to access the pause menu.


Locate the Exit or Quit Option:

Look for an option that allows you to exit or quit the game. This option is often labelled as “Quit,” “Exit,” or something similar.


Confirm the Action:

Select the exit option, and the game will typically prompt you to confirm your decision. Confirm, and the game will close, returning you to the home screen.


Home Button Shortcut: How to Exit a Game on Nintendo Switch Using the Home Button


Quick Access to the Home Screen

The Nintendo Switch’s home button is a powerful tool that provides quick access to the home screen while you’re in a game. Follow these steps:


Press the Home Button:

Simply press the circular home button on the right Joy-Con controller or the center of the Pro Controller.


Navigate to the Game:

On the home screen, navigate to the game icon you want to close using the left analog stick.


Close the Game:

Highlight the game icon, press the “X” button on the controller, and select the option to close the software.

Using the home button provides a swift way to exit a game and return to the home screen without going through in-game menus.

Sleep Mode: How to Exit a Game on Nintendo Switch and Preserve Progress



Understanding Sleep Mode

If you want to exit a game temporarily but plan to return to it later without losing progress, putting your Nintendo Switch into Sleep Mode is a convenient option.

Press the Power Button:

Hold down the power button located on the top of the console until the power options menu appears.


Select Sleep Mode:

Choose the Sleep Mode option, and the console will enter a low-power state, pausing the game and preserving your progress.

To resume playing, press the power button again, and the Switch will wake up, returning you to the point where you left off.

Using the Quick Menu: How to Exit a Game on Nintendo Switch with Ease



Accessing the Quick Menu

The Nintendo Switch features a Quick Menu accessible directly from the home screen. This menu provides quick access to various functions, including closing games.


Hold Down the Home Button:

Press and hold the home button on the right Joy-Con controller. This action opens the Quick Menu overlay.


Select Close:

Navigate to the game icon and select the “Close” option. Confirm your decision, and the game will exit.

The Quick Menu is a handy tool for swiftly closing games without navigating through multiple screens.

Closing Background Apps: How to Exit a Game on Nintendo Switch to Improve Performance



Managing Background Applications

In some instances, you may want to close a game to improve the console’s performance or address any issues. The Nintendo Switch allows you to manage background applications easily.


Access the Home Menu:

Press the home button to access the home menu.


Navigate to the Applet:

Scroll down to the applet labelled “Album,” represented by a camera icon.


Close Background Apps:

Once in the Album applet, press the “A” button to open it. This action will close any background applications and return you to the home screen.

Closing background apps can be helpful if you experience slowdowns or want to ensure optimal performance.



Mastering how to exit a game on Nintendo Switch is a fundamental skill for every user, ensuring a seamless gaming experience and efficient console management. Whether you prefer in-game menus, the home button shortcut, or the Quick Menu overlay, the Nintendo Switch provides multiple options to cater to diverse user preferences.

Understanding these methods empowers you to navigate the Nintendo Switch interface with confidence, allowing you to effortlessly close games, preserve progress, and manage the console’s performance. As you explore the vast and exciting world of Nintendo Switch gaming, these techniques will serve as valuable tools to enhance your overall gaming experience. So, press that home button, navigate with finesse, and enjoy a gaming journey filled with excitement and seamless transitions.

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