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Unwrapping Joy: A Guide on How to Gift Games on PS5



The PlayStation 5 (PS5) has not only redefined gaming experiences but also introduced new ways to share the joy of gaming with friends and loved ones. Gifting games on the PS5 is a thoughtful gesture that allows you to share your favourite titles or introduce someone to exciting new adventures. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the step-by-step process of how to gift games on PS5 and spread the joy of gaming.

Understanding the Gifting Feature on PS5


Gifting Games Defined: A Digital Gesture of Generosity:


Gifting games on the PS5 involves the digital transfer of a game from one user to another. This feature enables you to purchase a game and send it as a gift to someone else, allowing them to enjoy the game without having to make the purchase themselves.

Why Gift Games?: Personalized and Meaningful:


Gifting games add a personalized touch to your gesture, allowing you to select titles based on the recipient’s interests. Whether it’s a birthday, holiday, or a simple expression of appreciation, gifting games on the PS5 is a meaningful way to share the joy of gaming.

Accessing the PlayStation Store


Launch the PlayStation Store on Your PS5:


To begin the gifting process, navigate to the PlayStation Store on your PS5. You can find the PlayStation Store icon on the main dashboard of your console. Select it to launch the store.

Explore the Game Library: Browsing Options:


Once in the PlayStation Store, explore the extensive game library to find the title you wish to gift. Use the search bar or navigate through categories to locate the specific game you have in mind.

Selecting the Game for Gifting


Choose the Desired Game: Personalizing Your Gift:


After finding the game you want to gift, click on its thumbnail to access the detailed page. Here, you can read about the game, view screenshots, and gather information. Confirm that this is the title you wish to gift.

Click on the Shopping Bag Icon: Adding to Cart:


On the game’s page, locate and click on the shopping bag icon labelled “Add to Cart.” This action adds the selected game to your virtual shopping cart, preparing it for purchase.

Initiating the Gifting Process


Access Your Shopping Cart: Reviewing Your Selections:


Navigate to your shopping cart by clicking on the cart icon usually located in the top right corner of the screen. Here, you can review the games you’ve added and make any necessary adjustments.

Proceed to Checkout: Initiating the Gifting Process:


Once satisfied with your selections, proceed to the checkout. Here, you’ll enter the payment and delivery details, as you would for a regular purchase. However, when gifting, an additional step is required to specify the recipient.

Entering Recipient Details


Choose “Buy as a Gift”: Personalizing Your Gift:


During the checkout process, look for an option that typically says “Buy as a Gift” or something similar. Click on this option to initiate the gifting process. This step is crucial for customizing the gift and directing it to the intended recipient.

Enter Recipient’s Email: Sending the Gift:


Once you’ve selected “Buy as a Gift,” you’ll be prompted to enter the recipient’s email address. Make sure to enter the correct email to ensure that the gift is sent to the intended person. If the recipient doesn’t have a PSN account, they will need to create one to receive the gift.

Adding a Personal Touch to the Gift


Include a Personal Message: Adding Warmth to the Gift:


Most platforms that allow gifting include an option to include a personal message. Take advantage of this feature to add a heartfelt note, birthday wishes, or any other message you’d like to convey along with the game.

Complete the Purchase: Finalizing the Gift:


After entering the recipient’s email and adding a personal message, proceed to complete the purchase. Review the order details, confirm the recipient’s information, and make the payment to finalize the gifting process.

Recipient’s Experience: Redeeming the Gift


Recipient Receives Notification: Excitement Unveiled:


Upon completing the purchase, the recipient will receive a notification via email or directly on their PSN account, informing them that they have received a gifted game. The notification typically includes details about the sender, the game, and any personalized message.

Recipient Redeems the Gift: Claiming the Joy:


The recipient can then follow the instructions in the notification to redeem the gift game. This may involve logging into their PSN account, accessing the PlayStation Store, and navigating to a designated section for redeeming gifts.

Considerations and Tips for Gifting Games


Timing Your Gift: Perfect Occasions:


Consider the timing of your gift to make it more special. Whether it’s for a birthday surprise, a holiday celebration, or a random act of kindness, thoughtful timing adds an extra layer of joy to the recipient’s experience.

Checking Recipient’s Preferences: Ensuring Compatibility:


Before gifting a game, ensure that the recipient’s gaming preferences align with the selected title. Take note of the genres they enjoy, their favourite franchises, and any specific titles they may have mentioned wanting to try.

Conclusion: How to Gift Games on PS5


Gifting games on the PS5 is a wonderful way to share the thrill of gaming with friends and family. By following these steps, you can navigate the process seamlessly, creating memorable experiences for both the sender and the recipient. Whether it’s surprising a friend with a highly anticipated release or introducing a loved one to a hidden gem, the act of gifting games on the PS5 is a digital celebration of shared joy and excitement.

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